Architect: Nordstrand Frisenstam Rung Architects, Photo: Bert Leandersson

White. Sheer. Smooth. Stylish. New.

Akutex Frost focuses firmly on the future, with surface properties that give white, smooth, stylish ceilings, harmonious architecture and first rate acoustic qualities. Architects in seven countries were asked about their opinion and their answers are unanimous: opaque, light, uniform, harmonious. The pure white colour of Akutex Frost is one of the markets whitest ceiling surfaces, with low gloss, high light reflection and high scratch resistance. We offer Akutex Frost on edge Ds and Dg in the Focus range.

Ecophon Focus Frost

New edge Ds™ in Focus range

Ecophon Focus Frost Ds™ is a new ceiling system in the Ecophon Focus™ family, with the new Akutex Frost surface. The Focus Frost Ds system has a concealed grid and the sound absorbers a symmetrical edge design, allowing easier installation and easier integration of light fittings and ventilation.

Ecophon at ICA 2007

Ecophon reports live from ICA, the worlds biggest acoustic conference.

Junction with wall

3 solutions of junction with wall for Ds and Dg.

Ecophon Acoustic Bulletin

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