Important surface properties
Akutex FT and Akutex T
Light reflectance
Light reflectance is expressed as a percentage and states how much of the light falling on a surface is reflected. For both Akutex surfaces the light reflectance is over 84%.
Light diffusion
Light diffusion (how light is spread) can significantly decrease dazzle and glare from the different surfaces and objects in a room. The more diffusely and evenly the light is spread the better dazzle and glare are prevented. Both Akutex surfaces have light diffusion above 99%. However this method is measuring at an angle which in reality means that you are looking at the ceiling almost perpendicularly. Therefore it does not describe the whole picture regarding how to look at a ceiling surface. Most of the time you are looking at the ceiling surface further away in a room, and then this value is not telling the whole truth.
The whiteness of the Akutex surfaces differ from each other.
Akutex T  NCS S0502-Y
Akutex FT NCS S0500-N