Products and systems

The Ecophon range comprises various system families. All of these families have a number of systems which fulfil different demands with regard to performance characteristics, edge designs, sizes and surfaces. Each system family has its own specific features and has been developed to be ideal for particular areas, although they can be suitable also in other situations.

Product overview

Ecophon Focus™

The most comprehensive system family. It offers flat and curved panels, level changes, unique perimeter details and integrated lighting.

Ecophon integrated lighting

Ecophon Light Coffer and Illuminated Level Changes combine indirect lighting with a level change in the ceiling surface and can be used for several purposes.

Ecophon Master™

Provides excellent sound absorption, especially in open-plan offices and lecture rooms, conference halls, etc where easy communication is most important.

Ecophon Combison™

Combines sound insulation and sound absorption in the very same systems, e.g. for buildings where room divisions have to be flexible.

Ecophon Gedina™

A dependable standard solution in cases when functional requirements are strict and design possibilities are limited.

Ecophon Advantage™

Our budget alternative which still meets the most essential requirements.

Ecophon Access™

Hinged panels with no obstructing cross tees give quick and full access to services in the void that need frequent inspection, alteration or maintenance.

Ecophon Sombra™

Systems for premises where a really dark ceiling is desired. Offers possibilities for sound control, e.g. in cinemas.

Ecophon Hygiene™

Combines excellent acoustics and washability properties. Well suited for premises in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and professional kitchens.

Ecophon Super G™

Ceiling systems with high mechanical resistance for areas such as sports halls and gymnasiums.

Ecophon Wall Panel™

To be used as an alternative in cases where an acoustic ceiling does not fit, or as a complement in certain rooms or areas.

Smart connecting

Modern ceiling installations require access and servicing during their entire life span. Connect accessories permit ready access to the ceiling void without any necessary interference to the system. Every single component has a well adjusted bearing capacity so that the system as a unit meets stringent demands.