Ecophon Connectâ„¢
Grid systems and accessories
Engineered for your convenience
Adjustable hanger fixed to Main runner
  • Narrow, V-shaped spine allows quick installation of lay-in tiles, resulting in less damage
  • Rigid with extra torsional strength and stability for safe installation
  • Tight tolerances and excellent load bearing capacity
  • Unique spine design for safe attachment of Hanger clip
 with Hanger clip.
The Hanger clip
  • Quick installation and easy adjustment of construction height
  • Allows 10° deviation force and approved for 233N
  • Provides increased free space and reduces tile damage during installation
  • Slides easily along Main runner, achieving pure vertical force
 fixed on the narrow spine gives increased free space during installation.
Connect grid system is based on a small number of engineered components for use in many different on-site situations. It is a robust, time saving system that provides flexible, aesthetically pleasing ceiling solutions. Connect quality material and an effective logistical flow contributes to an efficient, cost controlled installation process.
Modern ceiling installations require access and servicing during their entire life span. Connect accessories permit ready access to the ceiling void without any necessary interference to the system.
Every single component has a well adjusted bearing capacity so that the system as a unit meets stringent demands.
The profiles
Safe fixing of a single Cross tee
  • Long support lip for quick fixing. Gives firm, safe and non-twist coupling
  • Safe fixing of single as well as double profile
  • Audible click when profile is in position
  • Easy to demount also in the middle of a ceiling area
  • Butt-end
. Easy to demount even in the middle of a ceiling area.
The T-profiles are roll-formed with a body of galvanized steel, capped with galvanized steel, finished in white (standard). Thanks to the patented Cross tee coupling the Connect profiles are safely connected and easy to demount.
  • Developed in accordance with international standards
  • Patented Cross-tee coupling
    Connect grid system, unique coupling design (patented)
    1. Short projection of the guide tongues
    • Does not disturb the next tile
    • Provides a more shock-absorbent coupling.
    2. Locking tongue with latch
    • Gives distinct and safe mounting.
    • Ensures demountability without tools
    • Makes a "click" when the profile is in position.
    • Prevents the cross tee profile from sliding out of the main profile even if only one side is latched.
    3. Design of the guide tongues
    • Protects the tongues against shocks and deformation.
    • Produces a more shock-absorbent coupling.
    • Facilitates mechanical connection of the main and cross profiles.
  • Unique Main runner spine design
    Connect grid system, unique profile design
    1. V-shaped spine
    • Facilitates the mounting of the tiles, clips, hangers, etc.
    2. Narrow spine
    • Facilitates the mounting of the tiles.
    3. Design of underside of spine
    • Improves the performance and safety of the clips, hanger mountings, direct mountings, etc.
  • Standard colours
    WHITE 010. Nearest NCS colour sample: S 0502-Y. Gloss 20.
    GREY RAL 9006. Metallic.
    ULTRA MATT BLACK. Nearest NCS colour sample: S 9000-N. Gloss 3.
    ZINC. Natural variation in gloss and colour can occur.
     white, grey, ultra matt black and zinc
  • Other sizes, punching and colours available on request
The accessories
Hangers, brackets, fixing devices and connectors are also required to complete the grid system. Choosing grid and accessories from the same supplier ensures that everything works together. Ecophon Connect has a comprehensive range of accessories for suspended ceilings with T24 and T15 grid as the main products. The accessories are CE-marked according to EN 13964.