Cleaning instructions
Fabric products can be dusted and vacuum cleaned, using reduced suction and the soft brush (supplied with vacuum cleaners) for use on soft furnishings.
Some painted products can also withstand manual wet cleaning with warm water. Use a clean soft sponge and plenty of water containing a mild detergent of the same type and in a concentration recommended for painted surfaces. Rinse off immediately with clean water. Ensure the whole surface is treated evenly, using a circular motion with a moderate pressure.
Avoid prolonged rubbing of small areas. Wipe with a slightly damp, clean cloth or sponge so that dirt dissolved in the rinsing water does not dry and leave stains. The temperature of water used for cleaning and rinsing shall not exceed 35°C/95°F.

  • After washing the tile will appear slightly darker in colour until fully dried out.
  • Wet cleaning can be carried out on a weekly basis.
In addition to above, tiles from our Hygiene range may be pressure washed. Recommended working pressure 2-4 MPa (20-40 bar)/ 290-580lbs/sq.inch. Maximum working pressure 8 MPa (80 bar)/ 1100 lbs/sq.inch with a spread angle of at least 30° and the nozzle a minimum of 300mm/1 foot from the ceiling surface. Water temperature max 35C/95°F (Hygiene Advance 70°C/158°F).
  • It is advisable to wipe the ceiling with a slightly damp clean cloth or sponge approximately 30-60 minutes after the cleaning.