Why is the surface important for the eye?
Compare Akutex FT with a traditional ceiling surface
Akutex Surface Technology
Akutex Surface Technology
Why is the surface important for the:

Akutex FT and Akutex T 
One property that is highly requested in interior design is a low gloss value on the surfaces. When we compare Akutex FT with traditional ceiling surfaces it shows that Akutex FT stands alone with a value below 1. 
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Retro reflection
coefficient - a new descriptor!
Retroreflection factor
Commonly used methods (light reflection and light diffusion) does not explain the total experience of a ceiling surface. The retro reflection coefficient helps to complete the picture.
The new surface from the Ecophon constitutes a significicant step in the acoustic ceiling surface evolution process. The technology has now been taken one stage further offering a surface with a completely new look. The painted Akutex FT surface has superior retroreflection coefficient, diffusion light comfortably. The gloss value is less than 1 insuring a soft, matt appearance from every angle. Since the surface technology allows a maximum of light to enter the room without causing colour bleeding from outside or inside, both the surface and the light retain their true character. The surface has visual integrity, giving the room greater definition. This feature enables AkutexTM FT to meet new architectural demands, such as for modern buildings with open spaces, large windows and the use of strong colours on walls.

Outdoor impact
Outdoor impact Outdoor impact
Traditional ceiling surface  Akutex FT surface
A ceiling surface with a high retro reflection coefficient allows light coming in from outside without reflecting the colours or the light. The painted Akutex FT surface has a high retro reflection coefficient. It means that the ceiling surface stands alone, without being influenced. It distributes the light in a gentle way.

Impact of strong colour on walls
Impact of strong colour on walls Impact of strong colour on walls
Traditional ceiling surface Akutex FT surface
Another benefit of Akutex FT is that the ceiling surface allows strong colours or a lot of direct light on a wall without being influenced. The ceiling surface has visual integrity.