Why is the surface important for the ear?
Akutex Surface Technology
Akutex Surface Technology
Why is the surface important for the:
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As you can see in the film sequence we have developed a surface that appears completely white and smooth while actually the surface is full of small pores, through which the sound energy can be transmitted.
An acoustic ceiling is never better than its surface
The Akutex surface is based on a focused development process, aimed at finding the perfect structure and porosity to deal with sound energy in the frequency span decisive for the acoustic environment. The Akutex T surface has optimal properties to create sound energy permeability. In the development of the visual upgrade of the Akutex FT painted surface we have succeeded in maintaining the excellent acoustical properties of Akutex T. Compared to Akutex T, the average pore size for Akutex FT is less than half, and the number of pores is doubled.

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