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Akutex Surface Technology
This label will always 
guarantee that the product carrying it has a superior surface. Our research and development will always focus on visual aspects, acoustical properties, working environment, architectural trends and have an environmental thinking. This makes sure that Akutex is always one step ahead.
Akutex FT is delivered on the following products:
Akutex FT colour collection is delivered on the following product:
Akutex T is delivered on the following product:
Retro reflection
coefficient - a new descriptor!
Retroreflection factor
Commonly used methods (light reflection and light diffusion) does not explain the total experience of a ceiling surface. The retro reflection coefficient helps to complete the picture.
Akutex Superior Surface
As the leading acoustic ceiling company, for thirty years Ecophon has consistently been paving the way in acoustic ceiling surface development. Our work is constantly focused on the fundamental challenge of developing an acoustic ceiling surface – of finding the perfect balance between material resistance and sound energy permeability and, not least, of giving the surface an attractive appearance. Our most versatile acoustic ceiling surface is the painted surface AkutexTM.
Why is the surface important for the eye?
An acoustic ceiling is often the largest continuous surface in a room, influencing the entire feel of the interior. Sometimes the ceiling is a visual design element, and sometimes a natural, timeless background, but it is the surface that is visible and so its interaction with the room in general is of fundamental importance.

Why is the surface important for the ear?
The surface is of vital importance for a room’s acoustics, as it affects the degree of sound energy that is transmitted or reflected. The amount of sound energy absorbed by an acoustic ceiling is related to the board’s thickness, density, surface porosity and structure.  

Why is the surface important for the mind?
With the end-users’ functional and emotional wellbeing in mind, acoustic comfort and a positive ambience are of major importance in a room. The Akutex surface technology is one part of a whole that ensures the best possible comfort for end-users. Our mission for the future also has a wider perspective. Management of the earth’s resources is now one of the most important environmental issues. This calls for eco-awareness.
The impression of newly fallen snow
The impression of newly fallen snow 
This brochure explains all the benefits and demands you can have on a surface that should contribute to a superior acoustic environment. It also defines the differences between Akutex T and Akutex FT.  

Reveal the colours of nature 
This teaser will inspire you to see the possibility to choose a ceiling that is not always white. The new colour collection of nine colours are carefully selected to influence the entire feel of the interior.