Ecophon free-hanging units
- installed as single units, multi-units, or in combination with wall absorbers and/or wall to wall ceiling
Concrete Core Activation
Ecophon has measured the impact on cooling systems from free-hanging units. The measurements are based on the European norm EN 14240:2004.
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Akutex Surface Technology
Ecophon Master™ Solo S
Ecophon Master Solo S is a horizontal element with painted edges. There will be no profiles around this single unit which gives it a very clean, minimalist appearance. The product is available in 1200x1200x40 mm or 2400x1200x40 mm in Edge A with the Akutex FT surface in colour White Frost.
Ecophon Master™ Baffle
Ecophon Master™ Baffle has a design closely related to Ecophon Master Solo™ S with straight cuts painted edges. It's a perfect compliment to the other free-hanging products or installed by it's own given the room a traditional acoustic treatment design.
Ecophon Focus™ Wing
Ecophon Focus Wing system provides a whole new dimension to the acoustic ceiling. With this additional system, the ceiling becomes more than just a surface – it becomes a design element and a focal point.
Ecophon Edge 500
Ecophon Edge has its own special character since the section of the Connect Edge Profile and the Connect Edge Corner has a slight vertical slope. The floating ceiling, installed in rectangular islands, becomes a design element with a soft and balanced appearance thanks to the moulding Connect Edge. The outer edges are angled slightly upwards and outwards or downwards and outwards.