Ecophon colour range ceiling panels
The colour reproductions indicate the available colours and finishes. However, we can also provide samples in each colour and finish. We recommend that you review these samples before placing an order. Colours may vary between batches.
Colours and finishes
  • Akutex T is available on most Ecophon ceiling tiles. This surface in combination with the glasswool core give optimal sound absorption also when used on wall absorbers (white). To prevent damage to the surface, these absorbers should be installed out of reach.
  • Texona is the surface to use when creating expressive solutions for walls. With an extensive colour range and a textured finish in combination with a well designed profile system the possibilities are numerous.
  • Super G is a glass fibre fabric with high impact resistance. The combination of a this strong fabric and a high density glasswool core creates robust and impact resistant wall absorbers.