Integration with wall
Connect Frieze bracket/Ecophon Focus™ D
How to install - junction with wall
Ecophon Transition 3D illustration
Ecophon Transition close-up
This installation can be carried out with Ecophon Focus D sized 1200x600 mm and 600x600 mm.
Measure, cut and chamfer the perimeter tiles accurately. Insert two Frieze brackets within every 600 mm panel and three within every 1200 mm panel on the two opposite edges that are parallel to the main runners. Along the other two walls there should be one clip in the middle of the 600 mm wide panels.
Ecophon Installation detailEcophon Installation detail
Ecophon Installation detail
Fasten brackets with screws and seal the joints between wall and perimeter tile.
Use with other products
This installation is not suitable for other Ecophon ceiling systems.