Integration with wall
Connect Angle trim/Ecophon Focus™ D
How to install - junction with wall
Ecophon transition 3D illustrations
Ecophon Transition close-up
Ecophon Focus D sized 1200x600 or 600x600 mm can be installed against an ordinary angle trim (or shadow-line trim) using a special clip, the Connect Support clip DG25. The clips are only necessary on the two opposite edges that are parallel to the main runners, see diagram.
Ecophon Installation detail
Ecophon Installation detail
Measure and cut the perimeter tiles accurately. Insert two clips within every 600 mm panel and three clips every 1200 mm panel. Paint the edge and the lower part of the clip if necessary. Use Connect Edge sealant 0690.
Use with other products
This solution can also be used for Ecophon Focus E, and in a modified method for Ecophon Focus DG.