Integration with wall
Ecophon Curved coffer panels/Ecophon Focus™ E
How to install - changes in level at wall
Ecophon transition 3D illustrations
Curved coffer panels and Uplight extrusion can only be installed in straight lines from wall to wall, without corners.
The Uplight extrusion is available in different lengths, from 510 mm to 2400 mm. Distance between hangers should be no more than 2000 mm. The flat part of the Curved coffer panel can be cut at any distance between 300-600 mm from wall, see diagram. Adjust the dimensions if the wall is not straight! The edge can be trimmed using Connect Edge tool E 0221. Ecophon Gear tray is a suitable light source.
If a difference in luminance appears, the overlap of the Gear trays can be adjusted.
The flat ceiling can be any suspended Ecophon Focus or Master system.
Use with other products
Changes in level against walls can be made with other Ecophon curved ceiling systems, S-line, Quadro and Focus Flexiform. Starting with a straight timber batten against the wall can be a possibility to take up tolerances if the wall is uneven.