Integration with wall
Connect Distance trim/Ecophon Focus™ DG
How to install - distance from wall
Ecophon transition 3D illustrations
Ecophon Transition close-up
Ecophon Focus DG sized 1200x600 mm or 600x600 mm should be installed according to installation guide M80, with a few exceptions. Angle trim is substituted with Distance trim, which is installed using Connect Splice connector 0671 in the joints. The edges against the Distance trim should be cut straight, taking care to be accurate, and trimmed with Connect Edge tool E 0221. Connect Support clip DG 20 is used on one cut side of all corner tiles and on cut side of size 1200x600 mm, to support the edge. Paint the edges. Use Connect Edge sealant 0690.
Ecophon Installation detail
Insert 2 Connect Support clips DG 20 within every 600x600 mm "cut-to-fit" panel, and 3 within every 1200x600 mm panel on all cut sides opposite the supporting edge.
Use with other products
This solution is also recommended for Ecophon Focus D and Ecophon Focus E in slightly modified versions. Master D and E can also be installed this way.

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