Installation support
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Each system page include a single installation drawing which provides an overview of the system.
Functional demands, Installation
Suspended ceilings should always be installed as late as possible in the building process in order to avoid soiling the panels. Installation guides for the system you have chosen will be provided (when necessary) for your assembly. 

For aesthetic reasons perimeter tiles should be at least 300 mm wide and lengthening pieces of profiles and angle trims etc. at least 400 mm long.
Functional demands, Installation

Glass wool is very easy to work with in that it is flexible and does not crumble. This means that you can easily cut perimeter tiles or holes for pipe-work and cables using just an ordinary craft knife. If edges cut on site need painting, a special edge sealant is available.
The Connect grid system, made from galvanised steel, is also easy to work with. A pair of metal scissors is all you need to cut the profiles.
In small rooms, such as toilets,  pressure shocks can occur when opening and closing the door, making the tiles lift from their position in the grid. This can be avoided by using open grilles and hold down clips or other arrangements.

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