Ecophon Master™ Ds

Suitable for schools or other premises where strict demands are made on good acoustics and speech intelligibility. For applications where a suspended ceiling with a concealed grid is required, but individual tiles must be easily demountable. Ecophon Master Ds has a concealed grid and symmetrical edge design, allowing easier assembly, integration of light fittings and ventilation. The ceiling has an even appearance, with the bevelled edges forming a discreet groove between the tiles. The tiles are easily demountable.

The systems consist of Ecophon Master Ds tiles and Ecophon Connect grid systems, with an approximate weight of 6 kg/m². The tiles are manufactured from high density glass wool. The visible surface is available with three different surface coatings to meet different sound absorption needs: alpha (Akutex FT coating), beta and gamma. The back of the tile is covered with glass tissue. The edges are painted. For best performance and system quality, use Ecophon Connect grid and accessories. The grid is manufactured from galvanized steel. The system is patented in the US and patent pending in Europe.

SOUND ABSORPTION: Test results accord to EN ISO 354.
Classification according to EN ISO 11654, and the single value ratings for NRC and SAA according to ASTM C 423.
SOUND INSULATION: Dn,f,w=31 dB according to ISO 10848-2 and evaluation according to EN ISO 717-1. CAC=33 dB according to ASTM E 1414 and evaluation according to ASTM E 413.
SOUND PRIVACY: AC(1.5)=190 (Master C/alpha) according to ASTM E 1111 and E 1110. Master C/beta and Master C/gamma are not suitable.

αp Practical sound absorption coefficient
<em>α</em><sub>p</sub> Practical sound absorption coefficient
Frequency, Hz
Ecophon Master Ds/alpha 200 mm o.d.s.
···· Ecophon Master Ds/beta 200 mm o.d.s.
--- Ecophon Master Ds/gamma 200 mm o.d.s.
o.d.s = overall depth of system

— Ecophon Master Ds/alpha 95 mm o.d.s.
···· Ecophon Master Ds/beta 105 mm o.d.s.
--- Ecophon Master Ds/gamma 95 mm o.d.s.
o.d.s = overall depth of system

Master Ds tile
Section of Master Ds system
Master Ds system
The individual tiles are easily demountable
ACCESSIBILITY: The tiles are easily demountable. Minimum demounting depth according to installation diagrams.
CLEANABILITY: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet cleaning.
LIGHT EFFICIENCY: White 010, nearest NCS colour sample S 0502-Y, 84% light reflectance (of which more than 99% is diffuse reflection). Retro reflection coefficient 63 mcd/m2lx-1. Gloss < 1
INFLUENCE OF CLIMATE: The tiles withstand a permanent ambient RH up to 95% at 30°C without sagging, warping or delaminating (ISO 4611).
INDOOR CLIMATE: Certified by the Indoor Climate Labelling, recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, and can be used in rooms classified as ISO class 6/M3.5.
ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCE: Granted the Nordic Swan eco-label. Fully recyclable.
FIRE SAFETY: Reaction-to-fire classifications. The glass wool core of the tiles is tested and classified as non-combustible according to prEN ISO 1182. The systems are classified as fire protective covering according to NT FIRE 003. See Functional demands, Fire safety.
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: For information regarding live load and requirements for load bearing capacity, see installation diagrams. Conditions: See Functional demands, Mechanical properties.
INSTALLATION: Installed according to installation diagram M145 or M146 which include information regarding minimum overall depth of system. Since the tiles need precise positioning, integration of services requires extra care during design and installation in order to achieve a good end result., CADsupport, Product selector, Specification, Maintenance manual
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