Ecophon Square 43™

Ecophon Square 43 is a fully integrated luminaire, developed for Ecophon ceilings with Akutex FT surface. A luminaire designed to achieve an exciting lighting effect, suitable for a number of room types. Ecophon Square 43 is primarily for mood/general lighting and works well as a specific feature or simply enhancing the character of the room. The lower part of the luminaire is easily demountable.
Size, mm
600 (Ds)

600 (Dg)

600 (E)
Special fixing
Thickness 20 20 20
Inst. diagr. m214 m215 m215

Ecophon Square 43 consists of a luminaire housing and a matt opal acrylic louvre integrated in an Ecophon Focus tile. Each luminaire weighs approximately 3,5 kg. The system is patented in Sweden and International patent pending.

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Ecophon Square 43 Frost
Detail of Ecophon Square 43 Frost
Ecophon Square 43 Frost with Focus Frost Dg system
ELECTRICAL DATA: 230-240 V, 50 Hz, power factor cos φ>0,9. Electronic HF ballast or electronic HF dim ballast for digital regulation. Light source (not included): T5 circular, 55W. Also available as emergency light, with a battery pack for one hour.
CONNECTION: Luminaire with electronic HF ballast delivered with 2,5 metres of cable 3x1,0mm² and plug. Luminaire with electronic HF dim ballast delivered without cable.

Photometric data, Isolux curves, Square 43

APPROVALS: IP20, , , , Class 1.
ACCESSIBILITY: Square 43 is easily demountable. Minimum demounting depth according to installation diagram.
CLEANABILITY: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet cleaning. The louvre can be cleaned on both sides, as it can be easily demounted together with the tile.
LIGHT EFFICIENCY: Acoustic tile: White Frost, nearest NCS colour sample S 0500-N, 85% light reflectance (of which more than 99% is diffuse reflection).
INSTALLATION: Installed together with Focus tiles, according to installation diagram M214 or M215, which include information regarding minimum overall depth of system. The luminaire housing rests on the back of the T-profiles. The tile in which the louvre is integrated is installed as an ordinary ceiling tile., CADsupport, Product selector, Specification, Maintenance manual
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