Different degrees of demountability can be achieved depending on edge design, installation method and the amount of integrated service installations.


The criteria for obtaining a long lasting ceiling are regular maintenance and cleaning in combination with dirt and dust repellent surface material.

Light efficiency

A ceiling with good light reflectance and good light diffusion reduces the need for installed lighting. This results in improved energy efficiency and a better working environment.

Influence of climate

The temperature and the relative humidity must always be considered when designing and choosing ceiling systems.

Indoor climate

The indoor environment has a major impact on people’s health. The building materials, the ventilation, the furnishing, the cleaning routines and the activities are factors that all influence the indoor climate.

Environmental influence

A long-term and purposeful approach is important to guarantee a product range with far-reaching environmental consideration.

Fire Safety

High safety level for people is important in case of fire. The suspended ceilings should never contribute to flame spread and smoke production or fall down as long as people can survive in the building.

Mechanical properties

A ceiling must never collapse during its use. Therefore they must always be mounted according to installation instructions and loading recommendations be followed.

CE marking

The CE-marking covers properties such as sound absorption, fire safety, load bearing capacity etc. All Ecophon ceiling products are marked according to European standard EN13964.

Ideas and solutions

Along with the regular product development of new ceiling systems and products we are constantly collecting and developing innovative and practical solutions using existing products from the Ecophon standard product range.

Ceiling integration

Many technical services are located in the ceiling area and must satisfy both aesthetics and function. Co-ordination of details must take place early in the design stage.