Workplace, with existing absorption class A ceiling

Calm islands in the communications sea of an open plan office │ Visually defined areas in the open plan offices

Acoustic refurbishment & acoustic optimisation

Effective sound absorption in rooms with insufficient acoustical treatment │ Optimal acoustical conditions in certain areas

Customer interface

Hear and be heard when you interact with the customers │ Provide the company with good acoustics and less stress

window, glass structures

Glass structures

Soft acoustics in hard environments │ Flexible solutions in harmony with architectural intentions

food, rest areas,

Rest areas

Good acoustics are important in every good restaurant │ Supports restful communication during lunch breaks

Public areas

Recovery areas in noisy surroundings │ Good acoustics as part of the total shopping experience

Free-hanging units references

© Michael Perlmutter

Here we present a couple of references for free-hanging units

A new free-hanging unit has seen the light

© Michael Perlmutter

Ecophon Master Frost Solo S is a horizontal element with painted edges and no profiles witch gives it a very clean and minimalistic appearance.

Acoustical islands

The use of free-hanging units provides flexibility and a multitude of acoustical solutions to problems related to acoustical design.