Areas demanding special acoustic attendance

Hand drawn illustrations. Used in Integration chapter.
  • Cover the whole ceiling area
  • Sound absorption also in low frequencies
  • Sound reflection over teachers' desks in some cases
  • Sound absorbers on rear wall


For normal sized classrooms (floor area of less than 100 m²) we recommend a highly sound absorbing suspended ceiling system over the whole ceiling area. These absorbers should also have a reasonable sound absorption in the lower frequencies, which improves speech intelligibility. This is especially important for pupils with any kind of hearing impairment. In cases where the teacher spends a lot of time close to his desk, the ceiling surface above that area could be treated with an absorber that is reflective in higher frequencies. This will basically enable the teacher to hear his or her voice properly. Wall absorbers with high sound absorption are recommended for the wall opposite the teacher's desk, especially if the depth of the classroom is more than 9 meters. This will further improve speech intelligibility.

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