The Indoor Climate Labelling

Ecophon meets the strictest demands
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Ecophon products certified by the Indoor Climate Label have a time value of 20 days i.e. they well below the maximum acceptable value.
The aim of the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (DIM) is to improve indoor air quality in buildings. The effect is that the label provides trust and reassurance in selecting an indoor-friendly product for customers.
The test includes the chemical measurement of individual substances as well as sensory measurements. Part of the measurement is the indoor-related time value, which is the time it takes from the installation of a product until the emission of ammonia, formaldehyde, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and particles to decay below specified levels. This is based on odour and muscous irritation tresholds for eyes and the upper respiratory passage as well as standard room considerations. The time value is presented in steps of 10 days. The maximum acceptable time value for ceilings and floors is 60 days and for wall material it is 100 days.

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