Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association

Ecophon products recommended by the association
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The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association has reviewed the components and properties of Ecophon’s sound absorbers and has reached to the conclusion that they can be recommended by the association.
Products recommended by the Association have been assessed and found to be free from allergens, perfumes and irritating substances to a degree that no known, medically reported cases exist.
The assessments are conducted by the Product Council of the Association (specialists in medicine, chemistry and technology) and are based on research results, analyses and the formula for the actual product. During the assessment a high degree of caution is observed. This means that any doubt is sufficient to warrant rejection.
The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association is a dedicated network that provides information about the prevention of diseases like asthma and allergies. It also puts pressure on the society to create better living conditions for people suffering from such illnesses.

Indoor environment

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We actually manufacture ceiling and wall materials for premises where people spend time.