The Nordic Swan Eco-label

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Requirements must be satisfied for the following criteria:
  • Have none or in some cases minimum content of substances harmful to the environment or health.
  • Have a high recyclable content.
  • Require low energy consumption during manufacture.
  • Meet general requirements for low environmental impact on water, soil and air.


By being granted this eco-label for most products, Ecophon satisfies all these criteria. We therefore ensure an environment-friendly offer, starting with the raw material, during the production process and then throughout the total life span.

The components used, such as glue, paint and glass wool, are well below all requirements and are not harmful to people’s health.


The official Nordic eco-label, the Swan, is introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers, a non profit-making organisation commissioned by the Swedish government and parliament.

The Swan logo demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. The requirements relate mainly to consideration of the external environment, but also involve the indoor environment, with strict criteria for the whole of a product’s life cycle.

It is the biggest and best-known eco-label in Sweden, and is also in general use in other Scandinavian countries. The criteria are being constantly updated.

The Swan

Ecophon and environment

Image, people, feelings, peace, freedom, nature, environment. Photo: Jukka Heiskanen.

Ecophon products and systems are manufactured mainly in our plants in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. By tradition these countries have comparatively strict environmental standards, in terms of both external and indoor environments.