Impact resistance according to: EN 13964:2004

Foot ball shot, Class 1A Volley ball players, Class 2A Basket ball players
In order to achieve a classification the strength, function, and safety of the ceiling must not have been adversely affected and its appearance shall not have changed to any great degree. The tested ceiling is assessed by these criteria by visual examination.
Ecophon has ceiling systems and wall panel systems in all three classes in order to meet the specific requirements for various applications. 
  • Systems classified as 1A should be used in multipurpose halls or sports halls where high energy ball games (e.g. hand ball and tennis) are played, systems classified as 1A should be used (Super G Plus).
  • Systems classified as 2A are recommended in gymnasiums and other areas where low energy ball games (e.g. volley ball, and soft ball games) are played (Super G).
  • Systems classified as 2A and 3A are recommended to be used in applications requiring impact resistance on a lower level, e.g. corridors in schools and day care centres (Super G).


Classes Impact velocity (m/s)
16,5 +/- 0,8
8,0 +/- 0,5
4,0 +/- 0,5
However, behind goals or other areas where there is a risk for frequent and extreme mechanical impact, the absorbers should be protected by a net, wall bars or similar.
Note that our ceiling and wall panel systems always should be protected against hits from hard and sharp objects. One way of doing this is to place the systems away from the occupied zone and well out of reach.

Smart connecting

Modern ceiling installations require access and servicing during their entire life span. Connect accessories permit ready access to the ceiling void without any necessary interference to the system. Every single component has a well adjusted bearing capacity so that the system as a unit meets stringent demands.