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About Ecophon

A leading, global supplier of sound absorbing ceilings and wall absorber systems. An innovative approach combined with long experience.
Eco comes from the Latin oeco and the Greek oikos, meaning home, house. Phon originates from the Greek phone, which means voice, sound. Translated, the name Ecophon means approximately “sound in house”, which corresponds well with what we focus on - room acoustics.
Global presence
Ecophon systems and products are marketed globally through wholly or partly owned sales companies and through selected partners and distributors. This means that you can get personal support from skilled personnel and representatives all over the world.
The Ecophon head office is situated in Hyllinge, Sweden, close to the city of Helsingborg. Here we also have our main production unit. Another factory is located in Denmark. Some products, mostly local, are manufactured in Finland and France.
Ecophon is part of Saint-Gobain Group.
Saint-Gobain specializes in the design, production and distribution of functional materials, including glass for the automotive and construction industries, bottles, pipes, mortars, plaster, refractory ceramics and crystals. The Group is organised into five business sectors: Flat Glass, Packaging, Construction Products, Building Distribution and High-Performance Materials. Established in more than 50 countries, Saint-Gobain is the market leader in each of its core businesses.

Junction with wall

3 solutions of junction with wall for Ds and Dg.

Ecophon Acoustic Bulletin

A news source for Ecophon partners in room acoustics

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