Ericsson Mobile Communications

- for research and development
Ericsson Mobile Communications, Lund, Sweden, Architect: Wingprdh Arkitektkontor AB, Photo: Lennart Ström
It is hardly a coincidence that Ericsson are considered pioneers in the development of the modern office. Mobile phones,digital corporate exchanges, powerful fibre-optic networks for telecommunications and data communication are important pre-conditions for the flexible office.


Short facts
Location: Lund, Sweden
Construction period: 1996—97
Architect: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB. Project Architect: Gert Wingårdh.
Acting architects: Torbjörn Edgren and Gunilla Murnieks

Ericsson develop and manufacture the mobile telephone of tomorrow and, for reasons of confidentiality, the office is not open to the public. This site provides offices for 900 people working in the R&D department, Sales and Marketing for Europe and the Middle East and Africa and Global Product Management for GSM telephones. 


L-shaped wings

The building has four levels and the three L-shaped wings are connected by a large stairwell with glass stairs and supports. This stairwell is the heart of all communication in the building.
All levels have a cafeteria style kitchen. The counter height tables are without stools and the concept is for this area to act as a hub for communication between employees. Each wing is identified by means of a colour (green, blue and red) to help people find their way around. The entrance level contains reception, meeting rooms, the restaurant and a showroom.
Ericsson Mobile Communications, Lund, Sweden, Architect: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, Photo: Lennart Ström


Streamlined impression
The exterior and interior give a streamlined impression. The interior walls and ceilings are painted white. The acoustic ceilings were selected because they made it possible to move partitions and avoid overlapping. The need for confidentiality was satisfied by means of a high-performance sound absorber.
The office modules are relatively small but light. This is guaranteed by large windows and glass partitions facing the laboratories and gangways. The interior design consists of light office furniture made from beech. Most rooms have light linoleum floor covering.
The floor in the entrance is made of limestone from Gotland. The light canteen is enclosed on one side by a copper wall. The air vents in the ceiling are hidden by an irregular wooden screen.

Offices - room by room

Ecophon official reference: office, quiet zone. Project: Connecta AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: FFNS Arkitekter AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus E.

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