- the best possible interior climate
Ecophon official reference: atrium. Project: Lessor, Copenhagen, Denmark. Architect: von Scholten arkitekter. Photo: Lennart Ström.
"We shall achieve the best possible interior climate for those who are working in the office." This was the aim of the owner and Managing Director William Fich when Lessor’s new office building in Copenhagen was being planned.

Short facts

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Construction year: 1996

Architect: von Scholten arkitekter, Henrik von Scholten

William Fich took an active part in the development of the ecological office building; a building in which the overall perspective has top priority.
The new office has been the object of much attention. Among other accolades, Lessor won third prize in a German competition for ecological office buildings. The ambition was that the building should be self-sufficient and independent of the environment. The only things that Lessor buys today are electricity and telephone services.


The Atrium — the building’s lungs

Lessor, Copenhagen, Denmark, Architect: von Scholten arkitekter, Photo: Lennart StrömThe building comprises a large, round atrium. In the form of an outer ring around the atrium are 22 office rooms on two levels. On the entrance level is reception, shared areas, meeting rooms and the canteen. On the second floor are the employees’ personal office rooms.
Lessor does not believe in shared workplaces, but believes in everyone having their own space so that they can work efficiently.
Ventilation is naturally generated by means of reinforced natural ventilation. This gives the individual employee the possibility of opening his or her own window and thereby regulating the air intake to his or her own workplace.
The building has its own water supply. Rainwater is gathered in a funnel-shaped glass construction in the atrium and is channeled down to the cellar for purification. It is then used for taps, toilets and washing up. There are also drinking water stations with spring water. Waste water is transported to a biological purification unit and a septic tank. The building does thus not need to be connected to the municipal water system or the sewage system.


Natural Building Materials

Lessor, Copenhagen, Denmark, Architect: von Scholten arkitekter, Photo: Lennart StrömThe building materials are healthy, natural, do not attract dust and generate minimal emissions. The building is built with brick cavity walls – a tried and tested material that spreads heat evenly and is sturdy. Heat is generated by cables in the ground and is distributed via under floor heating. Lighting and other electrical installations are controlled by means of an advanced electronic control system.
To achieve an even air moisture level in the premises there is also a lava stone arrangement in the atrium. Rainwater trickles down from the top over orchids that have been planted there. The water from this arrangement collects the dust particles in the air and creates a pleasant sound experience in the room. There is no smoking in the whole building.

Offices - room by room

Ecophon official reference: office, quiet zone. Project: Connecta AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: FFNS Arkitekter AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus E.

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