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A good sound environment essential when teaching languages
Zespol szkol nr. 15, Gdynia, comprehensive school, outdoor view of the school, photo: Szymon Polañski (Polanski), free usage
The worn-out old school building went through a complete transformation. Most of the buildings were totally rebuilt. The old library and main hall were converted into ordinary classrooms.

As the population in the suburbs of Gdynia in Poland increases, new schools are constantly needed in the area to ensure that children do not have too far to travel. It was therefore decided to convert a barracks-like school building into a new comprehensive school and new grammar school. Major resources were put into the working environment, not least room acoustics.

Visitors impressed by the sound environment
Zespol szkol nr. 15 (1999), Gdynia, comprehensive school, classroom, with people, children 8 – 14 years old, Architect: Adam Drohomirecki, product: Ecophon Master A/alpha, photo: Szymon Polañski (Polanski), free usage"All our visitors are impressed by the sound environment of the school. The most frequent comment is about the low noise level during breaktime," says Pawel Morawski, deputy head of the educational units that form part of general school complex no. 15. The clear difference between this school and others is often mentioned. Morawski says that the school staff find the noise level low, which also affects their pupils, who appear to behave more quietly and calmly than pupils of the same age at other schools.
Good acoustics essential when learning a language
"This sound environment makes it easy to forget that you are in a school," adds Morawski. As a teacher of languages including English, he emphasises the major impact of room acoustics on learning a foreign language. Comparing the classrooms with the new acoustic ceiling with the place he used to work, the biggest difference he notices is in the quality of the sound from the tape recorder.
"For me as a language teacher, it is vital to be heard in all parts of the room when reading a text. Good acoustics are essential to understanding the language we are learning," concludes a very happy Morawski.
Zespol szkol nr. 15 (1999), Gdynia, comprehensive school, communal area, with people, children 8 – 14 years old, Architect: Adam Drohomirecki, product: Ecophon Master alpha A, photo: Szymon Polañski (Polanski), free usageThe architect behind the building, Adam Drochomiercki, believes that the acoustic ceilings offer a combination of interesting solutions with good sound absorbing properties. The ceilings, with their special surface layer, proved excellent for use in the school's main hall, corridors and sports hall.
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Sound in educational premises

Group of pupils, school, group study, education. Photo: Georg van der Weyden.

A good acoustic environment benefits both teaching and learning.

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