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Mr. Igor Tyapkin, Director
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Also represents: Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

Akutex FT colour slideshow

Nine new colours, one sourse of inspiration. The basis of the collection is the unique surface Akutex FT, a perfect base for these delightful colours.

Akutex Surface Technology

Akutex Surface Technology

Ecophon Akutex label. This label will always guarantee that the product carrying it has a superior surface.

Design your own wall panel combination!

Ecophon Wall Panel

13 different colours waiting to be combined either vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The choice is yours. Enhance your wall panel combination with our three framing colours.

Application areas for Free Hanging Units

Where Free Hanging Units can be useful to get better acoustic.

Join the Ecophon Group

Do you want to join the Ecophon Group?

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