Rooms with absorbent ceilings

Ecophon official reference: cafeteria. Project: Pedagogen, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden. Architect: 3XNielsen. Photo: Bert Leandersson. System: Ecophon Focus DG.

Rooms with absorbent ceilings are more common. In these rooms, the reverberation time does not only depend on absorption. The room’s sound-scattering furnishings, how the absorbers are placed and the shape of the room also play an important role. However, the sound level will mainly depend on the room’s total absorption. The more absorption the room is given, the lower the sound level will be.
By only evaluating the reverberation time, acoustic information that is important to the subjective experience is missed. Sound level and early reflections, in this respect, are significant. These components are not included in the reverberation time. It is therefore very important to supplement the reverberation time with other room acoustic descriptors linked to these aspects in particular. These descriptors can differ from room to room although the reverberation times are the same and reflect the subjective difference that is perceived.