Teaching room for pupils working in groups.

Education. Photographer: Georg van der Weyden

Examples: Classrooms and kindergartens.

To consider in room acoustic design:
  • Use ceiling absorber class A to achieve as low a sound level as possible, to help teachers/staff and pupils/children to talk without having to raise their voices and to avoid disturbing other groups. In a quieter environment, people alter their behaviour and make less noise. A calm environment makes work requiring concentration easier and contributes to better learning.
  • Use wall absorbers on the back wall of the classroom to reduce late, negative reflections.
  • A special absorber for low-frequency sound can be used to advantage over the acoustic ceiling to further improve speech clarity.
  • In special cases where there may be noisy activities, such as in a kindergarten, wall absorbers on some of the walls are recommended. In this case it is particularly effective to place the wall absorbers on two adjacent walls instead of on two parallel walls.