Concrete Core Activation

  • Traditional acoustic solutions cannot be used with CCA
  • Ecophon has tested the impact on chilled ceilings from free-hanging units
Modern buildings that have extensive areas of glass, open plan areas accommodating a large number staff and a lot of heat-producing equipment require effective cooling systems. One solution for lowering temperatures is to cool the slab, allowing the room to be chilled by the cold ceiling – concrete core activation, CCA. One advantage of this solution is that the slab can store the cold that is available during the night, and another is that the cooling takes place without any air movement, which can otherwise cause draughts and discomfort.
Problems arise when this system has to be combined with good acoustics. The traditional solution – an overall, class A acoustic ceiling - does not work, as the cooling effect from the concrete ceiling is screened off. Alternatively, free-hanging units can be used, which improve the acoustics as well as allowing the cooling effect to pass through.
Ecophon has performed tests based on the European standard EN 14240:2004 in order to evaluate how the cooling effect is influenced by free-hanging units. The results indicate that much of the cooling is produced by natural convection and that it is important not to impede the air movement beside the ceiling.
Ecophon therefore recommends free-hanging units in combination with other products in order to achieve an optimal sound climate with CCA. Wallpanels and absorbers glued to the perimeter of the room are recommended to be installed where possible.

Free-hanging units references

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Here we present a couple of references for free-hanging units

A new free-hanging unit has seen the light

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Ecophon Master Solo S is a horizontal element with painted edges and no profiles witch gives it a very clean and minimalistic appearance.

Acoustical islands

The use of free-hanging units provides flexibility and a multitude of acoustical solutions to problems related to acoustical design.

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