Acoustics in general

Three important building acoustics concepts
  • Interior acoustics relates to the sound environment in a restricted space, such as a classroom or an office. The most common measurement is reverberation time, but in many spaces it is even of greater importance to measure the sound level reduction. In rooms where transmission and communication of information is of high importance, other measurements can be used to gauge speech intelligibility or privacy. In all these cases the sound absorption is the key to achieving the desired acoustics.
  • Sound insulation relates to the overall ability of a building structure to prevent sound from passing between two rooms. Two types of sound insulation might be referred to - airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation.
  • Noise relates to external sounds such as cars, trains, or background sounds such as ventilation, light fittings, electrical and electronic equipment. Other noise can come from people in the room such as scraping of chairs, coughing, talking, etc.

Acoustics glossary

Simple explanations of common vocabulary in the world of acoustics

Ecophon Acoustic Bulletin

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