Acoustics in a dome shaped building

Acoustical problems often arise in a dome shaped building where sound reflections are reflected back to the centre of the room. Ecophon Focus Focus Flexiform is a flexible acoustic panel that solves these problems. It is flat when delivered and can be formed on site into a concave or convex form by means of special profiles (200 mm-min.radius). Because of the nature of the surface, light entering at low angles should be avoided.
In the case Ecophon Focus Flexiform has been used with a customised cross in MDF-board. The cross not only connects the profi les, but also visually emphasises the crossings. A trim in MDF-board has been used at the junction with the wall, separating the ceiling and the curved wall. The distance minimises the effect of an uneven wall. Panels are cut on site, using a pattern from Ecophon (three different types of panels).
Ecophon Focus Flexiform - curved solution
Ideas and solutions No7
Section A-A


Ideas and solutions No7
Section B-B
  1. Connect Flexiform clip 0013
  2. Connect Flexiform profile
  3. Focus Flexiform


Detail 1
Detail 2
  1. Timber batten, painted lower edge
  2. Curved moulding in MDF-board
  3. Connect Column trim 0418
  4. Focus Flexiform
  1. Focus Flexiform
  2. Connect Flexiformprofile, horizontally
    curved (special)
  3. Customised cross in MDF-board
Ecophon Focus A - faceted solution
Ideas and solutions No7
Section C-C
Ideas and solutions No7
Section D-D
Detail 1 see above
  1. Connect T24 Main runner
  2. Focus A


Detail 2
Detail 3
  1. Connect Coloumn trim 0418
  2. Connect T24 Main runner
  3. Focus A, cut on site
  1. Focus A
  2. Connect T24 Cross tee (special lengths)
  3. Connect Fixing plate (special)
  4. Connect T24 Main runner, adjusted on site
  5. Connect Hygiene clip 20 0172


Ecophon official reference: School, multimedia resource center, group study. Project: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: Ahrbom Arkitektkontor AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus DG.

Solutions and advice about ceiling design and how the ceiling is integrated to different interfaces.

Ceiling integration

Many technical services are located in the ceiling area and must satisfy both aesthetics and function. Co-ordination of details must take place early in the design stage.