Acoustic ceilings in colours

The ceiling is one of the surfaces in a building traditionally used for works of art and decoration. A variety of colours have been used to create patterns and for decorative effects. Ecophon Focus and Wallpanel ranges are available in a variety of colours that can be combined in different ways to emphasise the structures and alignments in a building.
In the example above grey zones of Ecophon Focus A, 1200x1200 are framed by white areas. The different shades are here used to give a feeling of rhythm to the corridor and to emphasise the position of the lighting.
Ecophon Focus DG, grey and white. University of Adama, Poznan, Poland. Architect: Autorska Pracownia Archiektury Jerzego Gurawskiego ARPA. Photo: Szymon Polanski. Ideas & Solutions no 8.
Grey strips of Focus DG are combined with white strips to reinforce the alignment.


Ecophon official reference: School, multimedia resource center, group study. Project: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: Ahrbom Arkitektkontor AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus DG.

Solutions and advice about ceiling design and how the ceiling is integrated to different interfaces.

Ceiling integration

Many technical services are located in the ceiling area and must satisfy both aesthetics and function. Co-ordination of details must take place early in the design stage.