Complete accessibility - with Ecophon Access

Today 's demands for flexibility in buildings mean that most services are concentrated in the ceiling void. The numbers of installations are often intense and there are high demands in terms of easy access. Ecophon Access is suitable for installations where there is a great need for accessibility and quick changes.
 Ecohon Access. Monitor Company Nordic AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: Junestrand-Karlson Arkitektkontor. Photo: Michael Damkjaer. Ideas & Solutions no 9.
Easy access in corridors or in open plan solutions in modern offices
Ecophon Access is a system in which the grid system runs only in one direction - as two parallel beams.
The panels are firmly secured between these, with clamps that act as hinges. The whole panel can be folded down in either direction.This leaves all installations open along their entire length - without any runners that impedes the cabling. The panels are available in various edge designs:enclosed in a metal frame or with visible, precise panel edges.
Access C -suspended from structure
  1. Access Angle bracket 0203 or Access Ceiling bracket 0202
    (by inclined fi xing). Fixed 1800 mm centres
  2. Access Suspension bar 0204
  3. Access Installation screw 0218
  4. Access Angle bracket 0203
  5. Access Carrier profile 0191
  6. Access hangers
  7. Access C
Ecophon Transition 3D illustration
Access C -suspended from wall
  1. Access Wall bracket 0116. Fixed 1800 mm centres
  2. Access Angle bracket 0203
  3. Access Carrier profile 0191
  4. Access Installation screw 0218
  5. Access hangers
  6. Access C
Ecophon Transition 3D illustration
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Ecophon official reference: School, multimedia resource center, group study. Project: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: Ahrbom Arkitektkontor AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus DG.

Solutions and advice about ceiling design and how the ceiling is integrated to different interfaces.

Ceiling integration

Many technical services are located in the ceiling area and must satisfy both aesthetics and function. Co-ordination of details must take place early in the design stage.