Discrete acoustic solution for old and genuine premises

Kullagårdens Wärdshus, Sweden

Warehouses being transformed into restaurants, workshops into boutiques and country houses becoming conference centres – there are many examples of completely new fields of use for fine old properties that possess genuine charm.
One always wants to preserve this genuine atmosphere, but the new business usually involves having to adapt the sound environment accordingly. Floors and walls are often made of stone, brick or other sound-hard materials. Sound absorbers directly mounted onto the ceiling provide a discreet solution to the problems of long reverberation times and poor speech intelligibility.
Kullagårdens Wärdshus, Sweden
The Kullagårdens Wärdshus inn lies in a beautiful rural area in southern Sweden. The use of Ecophon Master C, which has been fixed to the ceiling and in window recesses, has resulted in an excellent acoustic environment in the conference room – without compromising on the original atmosphere.


Beam meets wall and ceiling
 “- Conference guests used to complain that they found it tiring to sit in the conference room. Since installing Ecophon’s acoustic ceiling, there have been no complaints at all!’ says Lasse Kjellberg, owner of the inn.”
Sealed joint between ceiling and wall
The installation can be carried out by fitting the edge of the tile accurately against the wall and then sealing the joint.
CADsupport [M113]
Other solutions for junction with wall:


Ecophon official reference: School, multimedia resource center, group study. Project: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: Ahrbom Arkitektkontor AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus DG.

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Ceiling integration

Many technical services are located in the ceiling area and must satisfy both aesthetics and function. Co-ordination of details must take place early in the design stage.