Offices - room by room

Ecophon official reference: office, quiet zone. Project: Connecta AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: FFNS Arkitekter AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus E.

A Modern Office constitutes a large variety of activities. To support these activities the employer and the employees, all necessary functional requirements need to be defined. The combination of these is crucial to your choice of acoustic ceiling and/or wall solutions.

In this section you’ll find per room type:
  • relevant requirements
  • acoustic descriptors
  • building codes / standards
  • product recommendations


About Sound in Offices

Government office

There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

Ecophon references by - Building type

Architect: Farrell and Clark. Photo: Faraday Fotographic

See what good acoustics look like! Here we have sorted all references by Building type.