Reception/Entrance - design guidelines

Ecophon official reference: office, reception. Project: Intentia, Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: KM Arkitekter. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Focus DG.

The reception area and its staff are the public face of a company and is often the first point of contact. It is also the fixed information centre. This environment places high demands on acoustics. It is vital that it supports the values of the company and makes visitors feel welcome.

  • Hard floors and wall surfaces are often chosen with wear and cleaning in mind. This means that all sound absorption must be handled by the acoustic ceiling.
  • You are often speaking in front of several people, placing high demands on speech intelligibility.
  • The reception handles a large volume of telephone calls. The room’s acoustics have a major impact on intelligibility over the telephone.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • For ease of conversation, the reception area requires a short reverberation time, making sound absorption class A essential.

Office room illustration


Product recommendation

  • Ecophon Focus - to achieve sound absorption class A and have access to many architectural opportunities that can highlight corporate identity.
  • Ecophon Wall Panel - to eliminate sound reflections, which sometimes arise in a reception area.

About Sound in Offices

Government office

There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

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Architect: Farrell and Clark. Photo: Faraday Fotographic

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