Access E, Skandia Frskringsbolag, Stockholm, Photographer: ke E:son Lindman

The main purpose of a corridor is to allow staff to move around the building quickly and easily. The corridor is also the location for many impromptu meetings and discussions. In addition, a corridor often houses service installations in the ceiling void.

  • Hard floors and wall surfaces are often chosen for a corridor with wear and cleaning in mind. Wooden floors sometimes cause disturbing footstep noise.
  • People who talk at a distance can also cause disturbance. The shape of a corridor facilitates sound propagation, allowing noise to travel and disturb a large number of people.
  • A corridor’s parallel walls can also create flutter echoes.
Ecophon's suggestion 
  • As the ceiling is often the only absorbing surface, the acoustic ceiling requires the highest sound absorption class A.
Office room illustration
  • Total accessibility is necessary in order to reach the services above the corridor’s acoustic ceiling as easily as possible without obstructions to any cabling and equipment.
Product recommendation
  • Ecophon Access - comprises a simple hinged arrangement of tiles that offers complete freedom and acessibility whilst achieving sound absorbtion class A.

About Sound in Offices

Government office

There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

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Architect: Farrell and Clark. Photo: Faraday Fotographic

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