Room with partitions

Combison Duo

This solution is well suited to organisations that work on projects and often change the size of the project groups. The walls are connected to the acoustic ceiling instead of structural soffit, allowing a flexible space that can change along with the organisation. This means that a small office can become part of an open plan office and vice versa. The work environment must be designed in line with the most demanding activity to be carried out in the room.

  • The solution requires excellent sound insulation between rooms. The walls need at least the same level of sound insulation as the acoustic ceiling in order not to diminish overall sound insulation. Being able to hear conversations in neighbouring rooms is disturbing. Bear in mind that a large amount of noise can be carried along ventilation ducts between rooms.
  • If you are using recessed light fittings, these must meet the same standards for sound insulation as the surrounding ceiling. Other flanking transmissions, i.e. sound that takes a route other than through the walls, should also be taken into account.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • Absorption class C or superior is required. If an absorber of sound absorption class C is to be used, it is important to consider that 100% of the ceiling area must be made up of absorbers.
  • Ecophon recommends class A. Sound insulation of at least 40 dB, laboratory value (35 dB, field value) is also required.
Office room illustration
  • Installations and light fittings must be as flexible as the walls, requiring an easily accessible ceiling cavity. Therefore, we recommend an acoustic ceiling which is easily demounted and hinged flexible lighting.
Light efficiency
  • In order to facilitate computer work and allow monitors to be located in various places around the room the ceiling must offer good light efficiency – light reflectance above 80%, and light diffusion as high as possible.
Product recommendation
  • Ecophon Combison Uno - to combine sound insulation and sound absorption, Ecophon Combison Uno is a suitable acoustic ceiling for areas where small rooms are separated by flexible partitions. Achieving sound absorbtion class C.
  • Ecophon Combison Duo – to combine sound insulation and sound absorption. Ecophon Combison Duo meets the requirements for absorption class A. If at a later date a small room is to become part of an open plan office, where sound absorption class A is required, Ecophon Combison Duo is the perfect choice.

About Sound in Offices

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There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

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