Meeting room

Ecophon official reference: office, meeting room. Project: EHPT (Ericsson, Hewlett Packard), Stockholm, Sweden. Architect: Schweiller Svensson Arkitektkontor AB. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman. System: Master A/alpha.

The meeting room plays a key role in communication both internally and with other people and organisations. Careful design can effectively convey the values of the company, for example, openness, creativity and innovation.

  • The meeting room hosts meetings where everyone around the table must be able to hear and be heard, making speech intelligibility a crucial element.
  • If the room is more than 12 metres long, speaker support may be necessary in the form of sound reflecting ceiling surfaces.
  • Sound reflection from the walls can be disturbing and have a negative impact on speech intelligibility.
  • Privacy requirements are usually high in meeting rooms, meaning that both walls and doors must have a high level of sound insulation, 44-48 dB (laboratory values).
  • If the room is used for video conferencing, sound absorption has to be of particularly high quality in order to optimise sound transmission.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • Good speech intelligibility requires sound absorption class A. Certain cases also require additional low-frequency absorption.
  • If the room is larger than 75 m², we recommend that you consult an acoustics expert.
Office room illustration
Product recommendation
  • Ecophon Master/alpha- to always achieve sound absorption class A and so provide for good speech intelligibility in the meeting room.
  • Ecophon Master/gamma - to ensure speaker support in rooms more than 12 metres long.
  • Ecophon Wall Panel - As an addition, to remove sound reflection from bare walls within the room. 

About Sound in Offices

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There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

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Architect: Farrell and Clark. Photo: Faraday Fotographic

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