A modern workplace often offers staff nutritional food made on the premises.

  • Kitchens require high levels of hygiene and surfaces must be able to be cleaned regularly. Hard floor and wall surfaces are used because they can be cleaned several times a day.
  • Stainless steel work surfaces generate a great deal of noise whilst people are working in the kitchen.
  • Kitchens are often located near the dining room. This can mean that noise from the kitchen disturbs those who are eating.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • Sound absorption class A is required.
Office room illustration
  • The surfaces must be able to be wet cleaned and washed.
Product recommendation
  • Ecophon Hygiene Performance - to achieve sound absorption class A and still be able to wash the acoustic ceiling. Ecophon Hygiene must be installed in corrosion resistant grid – Ecophon Connect C3.
  • Ecophon Hygiene Advance - to achieve absorbtions class A in humid areas, such as dish washing,etc. 

About Sound in Offices

Government office

There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

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Architect: Farrell and Clark. Photo: Faraday Fotographic

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