Copying and printing room

The copying and printing room witnesses many people coming in and out to collect printouts and photocopies, so occasionally it can host informal meetings.

  • There are often a number of printers and copiers that create a large amount of noise. The machines are often centrally located so that everyone has easy access to their printouts.
  • Frequently doors are left open, distributing unwanted noise throughout the office. Both ceiling and wall absorbers should be used in copying and printer rooms in order to reduce noise generated by the machines.
  • An efficient acoustic ceiling combined with good sound absorbing partitions can make it possible to place printers and copiers in an open plan office.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • Sound absorption class A is required.
Office room illustration
Light efficiency
  • A shadow-free light environment helps when assessing the quality of copies and printouts so the ceiling must offer good light efficiency – light reflectance above 80%, and light diffusion as high as possible.
Product recommendation
  • Ecophon Master/alpha - to achieve sound absorption class A, reduce sound propagation and lower background noise in the copying and printing room. To ensure speaker support in rooms more than 12 metre long, a reflecting area in the ceiling should be created.
  • Ecophon Master/gamma is there a suitable solution.
  • Ecophon Wall Panel - to absorb much of the sound which would otherwise bounce off the walls and extend around the room. 

About Sound in Offices

Government office

There is a direct link between the sound environment and the success of a work place concept.

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