Consulting room/Treatment room

A consultation room is a place for communication. In order to make this room flexible and to allow treatment a high level of cleanliness is required.

  • The stress associated with having to go to a hospital as a patient can be eased by creating an acoustic environment suitable for verbal communication.
  • A large proportion of the population suffer from various types of hearing impairments. This needs to be considered when designing the acoustic environment.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • Reverberation time 0.5 s or less. Highest value 250 - 4000 Hz. 125 Hz: 20% higher value permitted. Corresponds to 90% of floor surface covered with Absorption Class A (according to EN ISO 11654).
  • All room surfaces need to be cleanable. Using manual methods as well as the occasional use of disinfectants needs to be considered when selecting the ceiling system.
Product recommendation
  • Ecophon Hygiene offers ceilings systems that combine cleanabilty with acoustic performance. Ecophon Hygiene has been validated for the disinfectants most commonly used in the healthcare sector. The ceiling has been designed to be dirt repellent.
  • Ставку на спорт

    Игрок может не только сделать ставку на спорт из какого-либо уголка мира.


A well planned sound environment improves peoples ability to perform. Understanding of acoustics enables you to define the relevant descriptors to get the best end-result.

Indoor climate

The indoor environment has a major impact on people’s health. The building materials, the ventilation, the furnishing, the cleaning routines and the activities are factors that all influence the indoor climate.