Cellular office

All types of health care establishment have administrative offices, where staff must be able to remain focused and undisturbed, allowing creative thought processes and confidential conversations.

  • Telephone communication is sensitive to the acoustic conditions in the room.
  • To day’s office are generally lightly furnished, which put extra demand on the acoustic performance of the ceiling.
Ecophon's suggestion
  • Reverberation time 0.5 s or less. Highest value 250 - 4000 Hz. 125 Hz: 20% higher value permitted. Corresponds to 90% of floor surface covered with Absorption Class A (according to EN ISO 11654).
    Product recommendation


    A well planned sound environment improves peoples ability to perform. Understanding of acoustics enables you to define the relevant descriptors to get the best end-result.

    Indoor climate

    The indoor environment has a major impact on people’s health. The building materials, the ventilation, the furnishing, the cleaning routines and the activities are factors that all influence the indoor climate.