Building case studies

Ecophon official reference: open plan office. Project: CZ-group, Tilburg, Holland. Architect: INBO Architects. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman.

Get inspired by other successful building projects.

Every successful building is a result of a building process with:
  • well identified decision making units

  • clear expectations

  • sustainable visions

  • awareness of a good working environment

  • consciousness of regulations and standards

  • etc.

These building case studies should be seen as short insights in some successful building projects that demonstrate a conscious focus on creating a good indoor environment adapted to the work and activities going on.


A well planned sound environment improves peoples ability to perform. Understanding of acoustics enables you to define the relevant descriptors to get the best end-result.

Room types

Ecophon official reference: quiet zone. Project: Biotech Center, Gothenburg, Sweden. Architect: Liljewall arkitekter. Photo: Bert Leandersson. System: Focus D.

Find the right arguments and solutions for room types within Offices, Educational and Health care premises.