Public areas

  • Recovery areas in noisy surroundings
  • Good acoustics as part of the total shopping experience
In large public areas, whether for shopping, social gathering or other activities, the noise created by people’s activity often reaches high levels over a long period of time. In these environments there is a need for more quiet areas where people can rest and recover.
Shopping centres, arrival/departure halls and other public areas normally include cafés and restaurants.  By using free-hanging units, these spaces for recovery can be made acoustically comfortable and calm, giving people a chance to rest their ears as well as their legs. Many shops use indoor environment parameters to attract and retain customers; well- designed free-hanging units can make the environment attractive for the customer’s eye as well as his ear. 
Social gatherings are, by definition, communicative occasions. Thus it is natural that acoustics are a vital element in any premises where such events take place. free-hanging units can then be used as a complement to a Class A ceiling in order to create areas within the premises that are clearly defined both visually and acoustically. 

Free-hanging units references

© Michael Perlmutter

Here we present a couple of references for free-hanging units

A new free-hanging unit has seen the light

© Michael Perlmutter

Ecophon Master Solo S is a horizontal element with painted edges and no profiles witch gives it a very clean and minimalistic appearance.

Acoustical islands

The use of free-hanging units provides flexibility and a multitude of acoustical solutions to problems related to acoustical design.